Sunday School

Every Sunday morning we begin Sunday School in our the YOUTH CENTER at 10:00 AM. Time is provided for students to arrive, talk and meet new people before we start. We have a time of worship led by our band to bring everyone to a similar mind set before studying the Word. Our method of study changes regularly to meet the needs of different students.

Sunday Worship Service

Sunday School is not an alternative worship service for kids; it's a time to have a study that is specific to their age group and needs. Parents are encouraged to attend Sunday School for their specific demographic. We encourage students to attend regular services at 8:30 AM or 11:30 AM with their parents.

Wednesday Night Bible Study - Starts February 6

Every Wednesday night we have a Bible Study at 7;00 PM in our YOUTH CENTER. All students (grades 9-12) are welcome to join us. This is a great opportunity to go deeper into the Bible and to make good friends.

Friday Night Gatherings

Every other Friday night is used for Bible study, games and fellowship.

One week of the month is Mystery Night. This is a time of outreach when students can invite anyone to come and play with us without feeling awkward about Bible study. Estimated cost for the events is $15-$20.  The money is required for students to board the bus.


Mystery Night is our most regular outreach.

House parties are a great way to provide safety and fun to our students on a Friday or Saturday night. They can be themed around video games or movies, or just a hang out time. It is these gatherings where we see the most kids come into the youth group for the first time and we have great results for salvation.

There are occasional events such as paintball, guys night out, lock-ins and other things that are designed not only for fun, but to provide a chance to see new kids get connected with a Christian peer group. Even if a student has no one to invite, their presence as part of the group is still important.

Summer Camp

Every year we attend Centrifuge camps at Jeness Park. Camp is an activity-based, Bible-teaching camp. It is the one chance a year for our students to be in an environment where it is cool to be a Christian. Students are taught in focused areas for the week. Fuge impacts the students' lives in a way that can't be done at home. The impact is usually strong enough that it can influence the whole culture of a youth group.